EB Neuro

Nemus 2

Product Information

NeMus 2 is a polyvalent and innovative system for neurological diagnosis, that integrates all the capabilities of a complete neurophysiological laboratory.

One small and light device integrates the recording section for EMG/EEG/EP exams and the relative stimulators (electrical, acoustic and visual).

Main Characteristics:

• 2 Bipolar high dynamic recording channels for EMG/NCS, upgradable to 4 channels
• 20 Monopolar channels for all kind of EP/ERP
• 22 channels for EEG/VEEG acquisition
• High signal quality (low noise, high sensitivity for a large dynamic, high CMRR)
• Wide band for EEG and EMG channels
• Integrated five channels electrical stimulator
• Integrated acoustic and visual stimulators for all kind of EP
• 2 Trigger channels to be connected with external stimulators, such as TMS equipment

Software packages available:

• EP